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This Old Heart of Mine
This Old Heart of Mine Cover
Ava Malone knows all about being broken-hearted.

Born with a severe heart defect, she’s spent her whole life in and out of hospital desperately needing a transplant.

Just days from death, her weak prayers are finally answered, and she receives a new heart; one that not only saves her life, but changes it forever.

Now fit and healthy, Ava is able to do things she only dreamed of, like get a job and some independence, fall in love, and finally live life to the fullest.

But her journey of self-discovery takes her to places she never expected. Along the way, Ava doesn’t just find the woman she was always meant to be, but she also finds out more about the woman who no longer is. The one who gave her this new life because she lost hers.

Faced with a devastating dilemma, Ava must decide whether the heart that’s pumping inside her body now belongs to her, or is still beating for someone else…

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Release Date: 24th May 2016